Aphrodite: “I have been doing ballet for years but Natalia has changed the way I dance. She helped me understand how the body works in ballet and how every little detail on the body can lead to perfection. The class is fun but also professional; I enjoy having the class because I know every time is a step forward as a dancer. Most importantly, in Natalia’s classes I have gained confidence, which I believe is a valuable asset to a dancer. All in all this class is highly recommended to continuing dancers, who want to take their ballet skills to the next level, but also to beginners”

Keisha: “The class has taught me stamina, control and discipline, which helped me to perform more accurate and control my formations. Natalia is a great teacher for correcting your posture and exercises; she wants the best from everybody and every movement has to be down to perfection. This class is very sociable and comfortable to be around, everyone has different abilities and strength to perform the exercises given. I can say that this class is highly recommended for anyone who is starting ballet for the first time or continuing to a professional level”

Elisa: “The classes are extremely dynamic. We never overdo an exercise; the repetitions are enough to memorize it slowly and to correct ourselves. Also, Natalia is always spot on the corrections she gives us, her eyes never miss the small details of our dancing bodies and she never gets tired of correcting us (which makes the learning process solid and quicker). It is a class I highly recommend”

Nora: “Taking up ballet again with Natalia is one of the best things I have done this year. The classes are serious but good fun at the same time. After a long break from ballet she has helped me feel confident and happy about dancing again and she has pointed out some important aspects that I was missing. Natalia is so kind I recommend her to anyone who wants to start or to go back to dancing!”

Diana: “Natalia is the kind of person who only really exists in old stories, or in the fairytale dreams of young girls. She is an amazing yet demanding teacher, much like the iconic image of the Russian ballet Master, but so kind and motherly at the same time, always treating each and everyone of her students according to their individual needs, both emotionally and physically. If someone is interested in ballet and looking for that life-changing tutor-student relationship, I could not recommend Natalia more highly”