National Polish day with Rush in Ballet

Rush In Ballet is delighted to share the achivement of our work on the 11 of November 2021

The event took place at Covent Garden St. Paul’s Actors’ Church.

The two Polish composers were the subject to showcase, Frédéric Chopin and Karol Szymanowski.

The first half of the concert was Les Sylphides Chopin.

And a second part, as a contrast, was an interpretation of the sacred hymn Stabat Mater by Karol Szymanowski which is choreographed by Natalia Napalkova.

Natalia developed a passion for Stabat Mater by Szymanowski over the last few years after her recent loss. “This is the religious hymn of Stabat Mater Dolorosa. Unusual exotic elements in his music immediately attracted my attention and the wave of grief after the recent loss, death of my mother,  swept over, covered me completely, not giving rest, which led to the realization of the inevitability of self-expression and the idea of creating choreography based on a religious plot”.

In this Concert, we integrate singing, soloists and choir, piano and dance and we believe that it can empower, inspire and motivate all ages through ballet.

This was not produced as a commercial project, other than to meet costs, but a personal artistic project for the community at large. All involved are amateurs, working and performing out of loyalty, friendship, artistic fulfilment and community.

A collection of support for the school with a £5.00 recommended contribution is welcome. 

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